Short-Term Business Loans

There are several types of short-term business loans available. Cash Advance Merchant Loans are based on repayment of your credit and debit cards and not for a specified period.

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Invoice financing is based on an unpaid sent invoice. Invoices are used as collateral and you pay a percentage of the invoice plus fees when payment is received by the invoice recipient.

As mentioned, the potential loss from short-term business loans is that they have higher interest rates and a much shorter term.

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On the plus side, however, this can help you build your business loan, take advantage of growth opportunities if they arise, and you can usually get approval and funding quickly depending on the type of loan you want.

The best way to find a suitable short-term business loan is to work with a certified development company (CDC) named by the Small Business Administration (SBA).

Look for accredited lender (ALP) programs. These organizations are non-profit and know a lot about various types of small business loans. They can help you decide which loan product is best for your needs. They work with lenders and small business administration to secure your money, and they guide you through the process every step of the way.