Learning the Way to Use a Guillotine Paper Trimmer

Guillotine paper trimmer features a long, exposed blade that's attached to a handle. For producing the clean-cut, the user needs to press it down. The title of guillotine paper trimmer is obtained from the apparatus used to punish the offenders through the Revolution of France.

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Learning the Way to Use a Guillotine Paper Trimmer

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The wonderful thing about the guillotine trimmer is its hardy blade that can cut through materials such as cardboard, chipboard, thin metal sheets, and metallic mesh. This trimmer comes at a smaller version and an industrial edition.

The smaller version is for paper crafts, such as card making and scrapbooking, whereas the industrial variant is used for a professional office. Facing this fact, you should utilize the appropriate method of cutting. This technique can ensure your safety and produce the cuts that are crisp and straight.

To use this trimmer, you should sit on a solid surface, so the trimmer doesn't tip over or stone back and forth. You should also ensure the foundation of this trimmer is put on a flat surface.

Using a pencil, you should also draw a 1/2-inch cutting guideline on your own paper or the material that you would like to cut. This is useful for aligning the newspaper together with the cutting blade. Mainly, it's beneficial to guarantee you that you have trimmed the substance in the proper size.

Then, you should lift the handle in the conclusion of the blade of the guillotine trimmer. You should allow the blade to sit in the place of open. Set the paper on the horizontal surface of the trimmer. For creating a smooth cut, then you should press down the handle in one fluid motion.