Benefits Of Making Podcasts

If you plan to do a podcast but not yet made the final decision, you can try to find reasons to start. There are many good reasons to do them, to help take your business to earn residual money from podcasts themselves.

Podcasts are very popular as more and more people are starting to listen. The audience is there – and waiting for you and the information you and that you can provide! Before giving the idea, consider some of these reasons to make a podcast.

1. It can give you a break from writing blog content

First, if you have a website or blog where you have great content written, you may be looking to take a break from it. Having content on your website is a great way to sell advertising products and services.

But coming up with new content can lead to burnout at some point. If your hands are sore keyboard and pains and you run out of creative ways to write a blog post convincing – consider talking into a microphone instead!

2. Podcasts work for people who are Camera-Shy

Another good reason to start a podcast is that you should not be in front of the camera! Some people do video podcasts (including me), but you can do podcast audio-only and no one will think “down” on you!

3. Podcasts are easy to consume

Another major advantage to record a podcast is the possibility of finding a huge audience! People like to listen to podcasts because of the information provided and they are quick and easy to consume.

People can listen to your podcast over the world, as long as they have a listening device. Listening is easy as well if they are at work or take a walk (with headphones while listening), or listening at home for cleaning and doing other tasks.

4. You can use podcasts for advertising

Do not forget, podcasts are not only used to discuss various topics with your audience, but they can also help you earn money! You’ve heard of podcasts using the pre-roll advertising (or mid-roll or post-roll).