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Episode 91: Geoff Doner

Geoff is a classically trained pianist, vocalist, drummer, guitar player, keyboard player and player of curious found objects. He is the co-founder of The Bureau of Power and Light, which is an artist collective of diverse creative warriors with a mission to promote self-awareness, death awareness and social responsibly through multi-media projects, events and installations. MAGT is the […]

Episode 90: Stephanie Van Veen

Walking into work for the first day at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games, Pj noticed a familiar face. Stephanie Van Veen is a former junior national level ice dancer who earned a degree in Kinesiology from Western University in London, Ontario. She decided on a Master’s degree from the University of British Columbia […]

Episode 89: Stefan Hostetter

Stefan Hostetter is a graduate of Environmental Studies and Philosophy from the University of Toronto. Stefan co-produces, along with Daryn Caister, the Green Majority radio program on CIUT 89.5 and is the co-founder and executive director of The Green Society Campaign. The Green Majority started as a radio show on CIUT 89.5 FM back in […]

Episode 88: Rob Shirkey

Rob Shirkey is a lawyer from Toronto, Canada. Prior to launching Our Horizon, Rob operated a private practice in downtown Toronto. He also has experience as an Assistant City Solicitor and Prosecutor. Before completing his law degree, Rob studied business, economics, and psychology at the undergraduate level. He graduated with distinction and was the university […]

Episode 87: Lindsay Fischer, Part Two

You didn’t have to ask Pj twice to continue the conversation with ballet world insider Lindsay Fischer. In this second episode of the Open Kwong Dore podcast featuring Lindsay, he and Pj talk a lot about the influence and impact he is having on younger dancers. They also talk about Lindsay’s current project as the […]

Episode 86: Lindsay Fischer, Part One

Paul and Pj thought that there would be unmistakable parallels between the figure skating and ballet worlds but it was going to take the perspective of a ballet insider to bring that out. Enter Lindsay Fischer. Lindsay’s remarkable story starts in the United States where attending a performance of Die Fledermaus as a very young […]

Episode 85: Parapan Am Games

With Pj working for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games and the One Year Countdown fast approaching for the TO2015 Parapan Am Games, she and Paul decided it might be fun to go behind the scenes to see what was going on. One of the cooler things is the launch of a video that […]

Episode 84: Patrick Chan

What do you say about a three-time World champion and now two-time Olympic Silver medallist? LOTS! Patrick Chan sat down with Pj to talk about his life since the Olympics, figure skating in general and where he is headed in the future. In the course of everyday writing and blogging, Pj doesn’t always get the […]

Episode 83: Rob Salem

What Pj didn’t know when she walked into an event recently for a high school friend’s book was that she would be running into former high school classmate and TV critic extraordinaire Rob Salem. That’s the cool thing about having a podcast, you have an excuse to catch a conversation with some of the world’s […]

Episode 82: The Walking Man

The Walking Man starts out lost in the deserts of Jordan. The novel explores the life of the main character – someone very similar to the author – and attempts to make sense of a tumultuous year. After the deterioration of his relationship, the unnamed main character turns the lens on himself in an attempt […]

Episode 81: Tonya Surman

Tonya Surman is a social entrepreneur, community animator and mayhem choreographer. With a passion for bringing to life world-changing projects, Tonya is the founding CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI), a co-working space, community and launchpad for people who are changing the world, with three locations in Toronto and a location in New […]

Episode 80: Ryan Stevens

The best thing about being involved with the skating community for Pj is the chance to get to know fans on a one to one basis. Ryan Stevens is just one of those people. The best thing about Ryan Stevens is that he decided to return to figure skating as a writer. Ryan’s blog […]

Episode 79: Kevin Kennedy

Kevin Kennedy is the man behind Tallboys – Craft Beer House, Pitch: Talks on Baseball and The Big Smoke Bands & Brews Festival. In his spare time he also manages Toronto indie outfit Army Girls. He is also the founder and Creative Director of Swingman Live, a full-service event production company specializing in promotion, marketing […]

Episode 78: Amanda Barbara

Amanda Barbara is the Vice President and co-founder of Pubslush, a global crowdfunding and analytics platform for the literary world. A philanthropist at heart, she serves on the board of directors for the Pubslush Foundation, which supports children’s literacy initiatives worldwide, and is a founder and director of The Barbara Family Foundation, an organization committed […]

Episode 77: Helen Croza

Pj is lucky to have friendships that go back decades, like the one with Somatic psychotherapist Helen Croza, whom she’s known since being a teenager. Helen started her career in the field of massage therapy a little over 30 years ago and it was there that she discovered that the relationship people had with their bodies […]

Episode 76: David Dore, Part Two

Here is the second part of Pj’s interview with another Dore, Paul’s father David. While in Toronto receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Central Ontario Section, Pj grabbed the opportunity to sit down with David for an extended interview. David was introduced to figure skating as therapy to regain his ability to walk after […]

Episode Seventy-Five: David Dore, Part One

This interview was so jammed packed full of insightful information that it’s split it into two parts. The subject of these two episodes is another Dore, Paul’s father David. While in Toronto receiving a lifetime achievement award from the Central Ontario Section, Pj grabbed the opportunity to sit down with David for an extended interview. David […]

Episode Seventy-Four: Deanna Wright

If clothes make the man (or woman) then that must go double for figure skaters. The people responsible for the ‘look’ that skaters appear in on the ice is the handiwork of Deanna Wright. Deanna’s professional life has meandered from teaching high school to creating fashion looks for children’s wear and, subsequently, uniform ensembles prior to coming home to […]

Episode Seventy-Three: Mysterion the Mindreader

Since watching the Amazing Kreskin on television as a child, Mysterion has dedicated his time to the study of the unknown. He has found the real answers to many paranormal mysteries and now demonstrates them live for entertainment purposes. Audiences have been blown away as their thoughts are revealed in a showcase of magic that […]

Episode Seventy-Two: Susie McGrigor

Susie McGrigor is a well-known Canadian choreographer who worked with Paul as a skater and with Pj on the very first show number for breast cancer fundraising initiative Ice Nightmare.Pj wanted to reconnect with her old friend because of her interesting and unique perspectives on figure skating, art, choreography and life.Susie got her start on the ice in […]

Episode Seventy-One: Mello Ayo & Paul Dore

There’s always something different going on here at the podcast. It’s the great advantage with this medium: the loose structure allows us to play with the format. Mello is our first return guest, but he came with the idea of turning the tables as he wanted to interview Paul. An intriguing idea, as Paul so enjoyed conversing with Mello […]

Episode Seventy: Dr. Sarah Pash

Pj is pretty proud of the little cousin she used to babysit. Dr. Sarah Pash not only recently defended her PhD dissertation in Education, but she did it while continuing to raise four children with husband Brian Dioszeghy. The start of her career was in teaching, and evolved into a passion for education with a […]

Episode Sixty-Nine: Daniel Clay

Daniel Clay is the author of the novel Broken, which was published by Curtis Brown and nominated for The Authors’ Club Best First Novel Award and The Commonwealth Writers’ Best Debut Novel Award. Broken was adapted into a movie starring Tim Roth and Cillian Murphy and premiered at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. The book […]

Episode Sixty-Eight: Alexander Orlov

When Pj arrived at the Wheelchair Curling venue she knew she would be working with Alexander Orlov as her Russian co-announcer. What she didn’t know was that he was as entrenched in curling as she is in figure skating. Warm, friendly and generous, he gave her insight into a sport she didn’t know much about. When […]

Episode Sixty-Seven: Kate Caithness

Kate Caithness began curling in the 1980s, playing for the Royal Caledonian Curling Club. From 1997 to 1998, she served as the president of the Club’s ladies branch, later representing the Club at the World Curling Federation. At the World Curling Federation, Caithness promoted wheelchair curling, helping make it a Paralympic sport in 2006 in Turin. Caithness served on the […]

Episode Sixty-Six: Ines Marchand

Armed conflict in Colombia has been going on for a long time and the use of child soldiers has been one of the more heartbreaking by-products. According a Save the Children fact sheet from 2008: For more than 40 years Colombia has suffered from civil war, poverty, insecurity, corruption and drug trafficking. Of its 45 […]

Episode Sixty-Five: Robert Fothergill

Born in England in 1941, and educated at Downing College, Cambridge, Robert Fothergill came to Canada in 1963 to pursue graduate work at McMaster University and the University of Toronto. His PhD dissertation was published as Private Chronicles: a Study of English Diaries by Oxford University Press in 1974. After teaching for many years in […]

Episode Sixty-Four: Al Tompkins

There is something to be said about being able to talk the talk but only if you have ever really walked the walk. Al Tompkins is a trainer whose career sees him going around the world counselling reporters and web types on how to maximize their presence and be effective storytellers. This only works because […]

Episode Sixty-Three: Dr. Jane Moran

Sometimes back hallway conversations can lead to the most interesting podcast opportunities. Pj has known Dr. Jane Moran for over 10 years and it was just such an occasion that brought this podcast to light. Dr. Moran is the chair of the ISU’s Medical Commission, a position she has held since 1999. In November, she […]

Episode Sixty-Two: Sochi, Part Three

Paul and Pj wrap their trilogy of podcast episodes from Sochi. On this segment, they talk about favourite Olympic moments, the difference between the Olympics and ParaOlympics, more behind the scenes television talk and how to be interviewed on Russian television.

Episode Sixty-One: Sochi, Part Two

Paul and Pj once again report back from Sochi, Russia at the 2014 Olympic Winter Games. For this short episode, Pj talks about how she was asked to be the French announcer for the medal ceremonies at Olympic Medals Plaza. Paul reveals more about his position with the Olympic Broadcasting Services and the excitement when […]

Episode Sixty: Sochi, Part One

The Winter Games in Sochi marks Pj’s sixth trip to the Olympics as an announcer. A few months ago, Paul got hired by the Olympic Broadcasting Service to help out with instant replays. even though Paul and Pj were both going to be at the Olympics for a number of weeks, they realized that the […]

Episode Fifty-Nine: Donald Jackson

Pj wanted to sit down with Donald Jackson to talk to him about his legendary skating life and career. As the first man to ever execute a triple Lutz in competition at Worlds in Prague in 1962, Don went down in the history books. He moved on to a long and illustrious show career after […]

Episode Fifty-Eight: Tricia Lee

Tricia Lee grew up in Toronto and earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in the Film and Video specialized Honours program at York University. She traveled to England to study Media Production at the University of Northumbria at Newcastle and worked in L.A. for a year. Tricia owns her own production company A Film Monkey Production […]

Episode Fifty-Seven: David Wilson

Pj and choreographer to skating’s elite David Wilson have known each other for a very long time. Much of the time when they meet during skating season, it is to talk about the sport they both love. In this fascinating conversation, Pj gets David to talk about his life beyond the boards. A self-acknowledged shy […]

Episode Fifty-Six: Dick Bezic

With the help of his daughter Sandra Bezic, Pj got the chance to sit down and talk to her father Dick Bezic about his many adventures on his way to emigrating to Canada in 1950. A survivor of the second World War, Bezic was bounced around from refugee camps in Italy, Egypt and Palestine before […]

Episode Fifty-Five: Petra Burka

Petra Burka is the 1965 World Figure Skating Champion, 1964 Olympic bronze medalist and the first woman to complete a triple Salchow in competition. Osborne Colson advised Petra’s mother, the legendary Ellen Burka, that she should take a look at her daughter’s talent. Petra started skating lessons at the age of 10 and her talent […]

Episode Fifty-Four: Dr. Amanda Wintink

Dr. Amanda (Mandy) Wintink is the Director of the Centre for Applied Neuroscience. She earned a Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Winnipeg in 1998 with an Honor’s in Psychology. Mandy completed her Master’s of Arts degree at Brock University specializing in Behavioural Neuroscience in 2000 and earned her Doctor of Philosophy degree […]

Episode Fifty-Three: Elizabeth Manley

Elizabeth Manley is the 1988 Olympic silver medalist, 1988 World silver medalist and three-time Canadian champion. She is best known for her amazing performance at the Olympics in Calgary, cementing her status as an icon in the figure skating world. Pj was excited for the opportunity to sit down with Liz and discuss her career.

Episode Fifty-Two: Cary West

Cary West is a man of many talents: improv performer, teacher, actor, writer and director. A graduate of the training program at Second City and a member of Theatresports Toronto/Bad Dog Theatre, Cary also has a B.A. in Communications and Drama from the University of Windsor and a diploma in Theatre Arts from the Players […]

Episode Fifty-One: Jeffrey Buttle

In 2002 at the ISU Four Continents’ Championships before the Olympic Games, Canadian bronze medallist Jeffrey Buttle headed to a small Korean city where he took his first major title. Although he was only an alternate for the Olympics in Salt Lake, the event in Korea was key in putting Buttle on the international figure […]

Episode Fifty: Claire Wynveen

Claire Wynveen holds an MFA in acting from York University and an undergraduate degree in film/theatre from Queen’s University. She was funded by the Ontario Graduate Scholarship to complete her studies at York and was awarded a university-wide award for her Master’s Thesis on Peter Bames’ The Bewitched. She has taught workshops and classes with […]

Episode Forty-Nine: Rebecca Babb

Pj got the chance to sit down recently with Kitchener Waterloo Skating Club ice dance coach Rebecca Babb. Becky and brother Josh were Canadian Junior Dance champions in 1998 and went on to compete internationally for Canada in the senior ranks for the following two years until their retirement. Along the way, Becky has been lucky enough to be […]

Episode Forty-Eight: Heather Neville

Heather Neville is a certified Labour Doula and Childbirth Educator (CAPPA) based out of Cobourg and Toronto. She believes in birth and breastfeeding as opportunities for empowerment and her goal is to support women from all walks of life in having the most satisfying and empowering births possible. Heather provides support through the prenatal stage, […]

Episode Forty-Seven: Jessica Tudos

Jessica Tudos is an Olympic gymnast turned educator, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and Kika Creative Director. She has turned her experiences in gymnastics into the children’s story Kika the Upside Down Girl. With a Kickstarter campaign just completed to publish the book, Jessica is ready to share this story with the world. The story revolves around […]

Episode Forty-Six: Raj Misir

Raj Misir, General Manager at Jackson Ultima Skates, heads the Tech Rep team, working with leading skaters and coaches as well as the best skate specialty retailers in the industry. Pj, Paul and Raj have known each other for a long time. It was while Pj and Raj were in Saint John at Skate Canada, […]

Episode Forty-Five: John DeNottbeck

John DeNottbeck has over 40 years of experience in the audio, video and film industries as a musician, writer, composer, producer, voice director and engineer. John is the Founder/Partner/President/COO of Wanted! Sound and Picture, Co-founder/Partner/Director of VCR Media and Co-founder/Partner/President of IPS Recording Studios Ltd. As an engineer and producer, John has won numerous international […]

Episode Forty-Four: Mello Ayo

Mello Ayo is a poet and spoken word artist. Born in Jamaica, he currently lives in Toronto. Mello has published a poetry collection called Love Rhapsodies and Blues and released the album Water Carrier, which is based on After Dark: The Anatomy of a People’s Struggle. When listening and reading Mello’s words, one can’t help […]

Episode Forty-Three: David Pelletier

David Pelletier is many things, including Olympic champion, but his favourite title has to be that of Dad. In addition to his Olympic title, David has collected three National titles and a World title along the way with former partner Jamie Sale. David has been inducted into the Skate Canada, Canadian Olympic and the Canadian […]

Episode Forty-Two: Daniel Bennett

The Open Kwong Dore Podcast has interviewed a few people in the theatre world, but most of them have been performers. Daniel Bennett takes us behind the scenes of what it takes to mount a theatrical production. Majoring in neuroscience and psychology seems pretty far away from the theatre. Daniel was on the path to […]

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