As I sit here in one of the host cities in Russia for the soccer tournament, I am struck by the amount of work going on in the background. Hard work + expertise + insight/foresight makes me think of my friend Sam Corea.

Sam and I first met (and became friends) when he was my boss at the Pan Am Games in 2015 in Toronto. It was under his guidance that I learned about press operations and what is needed by the press in covering a big event. Don’t worry no one was hurt in the training AND we had a lot of laughs along the way.

Sam and I have continued to run into each other at events; most recently at the Canadian National Figure Skating Championships where this podcast was recorded. So, in honour of the events going on around the world and in your neighbourhood, I want to acknowledge the hard work going on behind the scenes at all levels.

If you want to know more about Sam Corea, follow him on Twitter at @sammy_sez and on Instagram @sampcorea

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