The Inside Edge

Where I take you behind-the-scenes of this week’s @SkatingPj Podcast.

I know I often say that I grabbed someone in a back hallway to see if they would record a podcast with me. This time, I mean it! Alison Purkiss was walking by me in the basement of the rink in Vancouver at Canadians, minding her own business. She made the fatal mistake of saying hi to me while I was busy tweeting/Instagraming/basic computer-ing. I looked up to see who was talking to me, and promptly walked over for a hug. I then linked my arm through hers, took the digital recorder out of my bra (I told you I was always ready) and said “do you have 15 minutes?”

Alison Purkiss, former national pair competitor and now very well-known coach, made the catastrophic mistake of saying “sure!” (before asking what I wanted! Ha!)

In this podcast we hear how Alison got her start in skating and how she ended up in pairs at 11 years old and competing at her first Nationals at 12. It is a pretty interesting story given that as a pair girl, she was up in the air a lot and Alison is afraid of heights.

If you have ever wondered about a life in skating, what it’s like to compete in pairs or (the now defunct) fours or you just want to know more about the sport for your little skater, then my podcast with Alison Purkiss is for you.

Please note the abrupt end to our discussion at about the 15 minute mark is not because Alison walked away in a huff but rather a technical fail. Sorry about that but some Alison is better than none!

The Outside Edge

Where I highlight a video related to this podcast.

Although I couldn’t find the Fours Competition from the Canadian Figure Skating Championships in 1993 that featured Alison Purkiss and Scott MacDonald, I was able to find a program from the nationals in 1999. It was always an exciting event to watch and to hear Alison talk about the fun they had putting it together made me want to find this clip. Click on the image below to watch the video.

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