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You can never know for sure before heading to an Olympic Games just how much fun it is going to be (or not). The sport to which you are assigned is always inspirational – how could it not be? But the fun factor is the variable that you just can’t predict.

I had a great time in Korea because of the people. My Korean colleagues could not have been more accommodating and kind and my fellow foreigners and I all shared my same quirky mindset. The results at figure skating were easy for everyone to understand and overall the level of the competition was very good. It was a thrill to watch so many skaters have the skate of their lives in the moment that it counted most. Congratulations Olympians!

Lots of great adventures and memories and in this podcast, Paul grills me on just what happened to me there.

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One of my many adventures started right at the airport in Seoul. My friend and fellow announcer (short track) Dany Lemay and I were picked up and taken to PyeongChang by two men from the Korean reality show ‘The Kind Drivers’  on TvN. It is so popular in Korea that I shouldn’t have been surprised at the flight attendant who recognized me as I boarded the plane to come home. The perks of being on TV. The VIP treatment as I made my my way to my middle seat of row 1,743 near the bathroom. Oh yeah – real famous now <lol>! I can’t explain what it was like – it was a whole lot of fun to do – you will just have to watch it here:



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