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Where I take you behind-the-scenes of this week’s @SkatingPj Podcast.

You are not going to believe this! For the @Skatingpj podcast, we are going to call this one of our ‘lost episodes’. It is in fact our only ‘lost episode’ so far and features Canadian skating’s eternal darling Josee Chouinard!!!! The truth is it was recorded last May and when Producer Paul and I were chatting this week, he mentioned that we hadn’t used Josee’s episode yet. WHAT?!?! “Are you sure?” He gave me ‘that look’ and said “I thought it was all part of your master plan.” Ha! He clearly doesn’t know me as well as I thought! AND here we are 🙂

Back to Canadian champion and Olympian Josee Chouinard. In this entertaining podcast, you get to eavesdrop on two friends having a fun conversation that runs the gamut from soup to nuts. From her early days in Laval to her move to Toronto for skating, nothing is off the table.

It’s funny but even with the time that has elapsed since her amateur skating career, every day people still know the name Josee Chouinard. It’s time to get to know this Canadian icon a little better.


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This is a look back at the incomparable Josee Chouinard, skating to one of my Josee Favourites – An American in Paris – at the 1994 Canadian Figure Skating Championships. Click on the image below to watch the video.


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