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Let’s face it, in order to understand where we are today, we need to look back. In this case, it was the chance to speak with coach Jon Lane about his experience 50 years ago at the 1968 Olympic Games in Grenoble, France, where ice dance was making its debut as a test event. It wouldn’t be until 8 years later, in 1976 that ice dance would officially join the Olympic program.

Talking to Jon was so much fun. We ambled from one skating topic to the next and getting the chance to hear about skating back in the day is well worth the listen. Jon’s experiences in his own words, including how he fared at the 1968 Games is an eye-opener.

Jon, along with wife Carol Lane and coaching partner Juris Razgulaev run Ice Dance Elite that has produced so much ice dancing talent including current national silver medallists and ice dance Olympians Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier.

For more information on Ice Dance Elite, visit the Scarboro Figure Skating Club’s website.


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In this case, I thought that it would be fun to look back at the first Olympic ice dance champions in 1976. Without the test event 8 years before at the Olympics in 1968, in which Jon Lane skated, there might not have been inclusion of ice dance at the Olympic Games – ever. Here are Lyudmila Pakhamova and Aleksandr Gorshkov from the 1976 Olympic Games, which they won. Click on the image below to watch the video.


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