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I was so excited to finally get the chance for a sit-down with modern skating icon Shae-Lynn Bourne. Shae-Lynn is a three-time Olympian and noted choreographer along with being a ten-time Canadian champion and 2003 World dance champion with partner Victor Kraatz.

This conversation is a whole lot of fun, and meanders from the personal to the professional. We get the chance to chat about Shae-Lynn’s early days as a skater and how she made the transition from pair skater to ice dancer. I also get to the bottom of the creation of Yuzuru Hanyu’s ‘Seimei’ program which is one of my all-time favourites.

However well you think you know Shae-Lynn, you will know here even better after this podcast. Follow Shae-Lynn on Twitter @shaelynnbourne.


The Outside Edge


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I thought it fitting that since we spoke about one of Shae-Lynn’s favourite free dances being Riverdance that I should find it for you. It coincides with the 20th anniversary of when they performed it at the Nagano Olympic Games in 1998. I wonder what memorable programs will be unveiled in Korea at these Games? Click on the picture below to watch!


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