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You know me. I am always trying to find interesting people to interview and I think I have a good one this week. Earlier in the fall, I met with Skate Canada CEO Debra Armstrong for a chat about her career and how she sees her leadership role at Skate Canada. Armstrong started with the organization first as the COO in 2016 after 17 years with MBNA, most recently as the President.
I wanted to find out about what it’s like to spearhead one of the largest amateur sporting organizations anywhere. Debra was forthright and candid in her comments about not only where she has been, but where she sees the organization going.
Skate Canada’s focus is the skaters and Debra Armstrong’s insight into the goals of the organization makes for a very interesting conversation.
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The Outside Edge

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This is where I bring you something from around the web that you may or may not have seen before. In light of my podcast this week focused on Skate Canada, I wanted to find a moment that really put Canada on the skating map. I know that there are a lot of them, but this one felt right. It is Canada’s first skating goddess: Barbara Ann Scott. This video is from the ISU archives and is the 1948 European Championships in Prague where Barbara Ann won her second European title. Not long after, Barbara Ann went on to win the Olympic title for the first and only time (so far) for a Canadian woman.

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