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I have often remarked on how happy I am to have landed in figure skating as my profession. I get to work with people, and not just a few, who I have known for decades. Some even extend back into childhood. My friendship with Carol Lane doesn’t extend back into childhood but it was so long ago and we were so much younger than today, that we might as well have been 😉
Carol Lane was an elite ice dance for Great Britain who eventually turned her attention to coaching along with partner and husband Jon Lane. Jon’s history in the sport goes back to Britain’s glory days when they were never off the podium and that, my friends, is a podcast for a different day. We all met because the first rink I taught at was also one of the first for them once they arrived in Canada. Not surprisingly, their coaching stars started to rise especially with the hard work, talent and encyclopedic knowledge about the sport. They lead Ice Dance Elite at the Scarboro Figure Skating Club, a program specifically for competitive ice dancers.
I wanted Carol on this podcast for some ice dance enlightenment. We spend a lot of time talking about what needs to be done and what coaches and skaters need to be looking for rather than trying to identify the rules exactly. As Carol says, she knows what she needs to do. Believe it. She does.
If you are just getting into figure skating or you are already a passionate follower like I am, you will want to spend a few minutes and listen to this podcast.
if you want to follow Carol on social media, she is on Twitter @cjlanecoach.

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In this case, if you haven’t seen this really fun program, you need to. It is from the 2017 World Figure Skating Championships and is the short dance from Carol Lane’s students Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier. It’s as entertaining as it is complex with the bonus (yes – I said bonus) of being set to disco music. I am showing my age, but seriously: heaven.


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