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Truth be told, I had my eye on interviewing Jason Brown for a while. When the opportunity presented itself after a press conference at Skate Canada in Regina, I took it. I must have appeared like a strange person as I approached him with my card in my outstretched hand, and said in my nervous rapid-fire style: “Would you consider being on a podcast with me?” Jason Brown is nothing if not delightful and warm. I asked him to be in touch if he was willing and then retreated into the crowd. My fingers were firmly crossed until the next morning when I saw this text message: “Good morning! This is Jason 🙂 just wanted to let you know that I would love to do your podcast at some point today!” Cue the Pj Happy Dance!
What transpired was remarkable in that I felt like I was talking to an old friend. Jason’s willingness to talk about not only skating but about his life and his family was a treat. This young man is not only accomplished as a skater, he has a very balanced view of what is important in life. I have always followed his skating career with great interest and now know that I will be following along to see what else he will do with his life once he hangs up his skates.
As forthcoming as Jason is friendly of the ice, look for fierceness as a competitor on the ice. His passion and way of connecting with the audience is Jason’s trademark making him an obvious fan favourite. Even if you are new to skating or new to Jason Brown’s skating, this podcast will entertain and inform you. Look out in particular for the way Jason speaks about his team which includes coach Kori Ade and choreographer Rohene Ward, both of whom Jason has loyally worked with for a very long time.
If you want to know more about Jason, follow him on Twitter and Instagram @Jasonbskates.

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Where I highlight a video related to this podcast.

As far as Jason Brown is concerned, if you haven’t been watching him, you need to be. The performance that put him on the map was his program to music from Riverdance at US Nationals in 2014 . The video went viral and currently has over 1 million (!) views, and I expect by publishing this link, it will now have a few more.


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