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Let’s face it – it takes one to know one on the sass-o-meter scale and as much as I aspire to be able to push out anything in my life like Ashley Wagner can push out a program, I know when I’m beat. In a (not so rare) moment of boldness, I saw Ashley being interviewed by fellow skating writer Ted Flett of Golden Skate backstage at Skate Canada, and I asked Ashley if she would be willing to spend a few minutes being recorded by me for a podcast. “Yes,” she said. Sweet.
That’s when the panic set in. As much as our paths have crossed a ton at skating events and I have been able to capture some great video moments with Ashley, I don’t really know her in the way I know some of the other skaters. Hmmm. I didn’t want to blow this chance, so as she was talking to Ted, I was lost in my head thinking up questions and furtively looking for some bio info.  For the record: Ashley is one of skating’s ‘leading ladies’ as three-time national American champion and the 2016 World silver medallist.
What ensued was a terrific conversation and I think you will agree that we all get to know Ashley Wagner a little bit better. She is so well-spoken and smart that I needn’t have worried. This podcast is a look into a skater’s life: a confident, talented and articulate one at that.
If you want to know more about Ashley, follow her on Twitter and Instagram @AshWagner2010.


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As you may have gathered, I am a fan of Ashley Wagner’s and thought that giving us all the chance to re-visit her free program on the way to capturing the World Figure Skating Championship silver medal would be fun for everyone. Click on the picture below to watch!


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