The Inside Edge

Where I take you behind-the-scenes of this week’s @SkatingPj Podcast.

I know that I must appear completely bonkers to some, and that’s ok. Here’s my closely guarded secret: I walk around with recording equipment so that when an opportunity presents itself, like it did a couple of weeks ago, I’m ready.
I walked into the skating office at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club fully expecting to see Tracy Wilson who had promised me a bit of time for a podcast. I got lucky. Two Wilsons for the price of one. The ‘other’ Wilson was none other than acclaimed choreographer and all-around nice guy David Wilson. ‘Hey David,’ I said. “Do you have 15 minutes for me to record a quick podcast with you?” “Sure,” he said.
See why it’s important to have that recording stuff handy, and all fully charged?
David and I talk about all kinds of things including his work with three-time World champion and Olympic silver medallist Patrick Chan.  I love the way David is able to express himself when it comes to his work and skating and I think you will too.

The Outside Edge

Where I highlight a video related to this podcast.

In this case, it’s one of Patrick Chan’s programs from this year. The following is the link to the short program to Kansas’ Dust in the Wind from Patrick Chan at Skate Canada International. David Wilson is the choreographer of this and Chan’s long program this season.


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