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Trying to catch up with coaching legend and former dazzling dancer Tracy Wilson might as well have been a full-time job. I am lucky to know Tracy and count her as a friend but that didn’t mean that getting a few minutes to record a podcast was ever going to be easy. To be fair, she never said no. It was always a case of the ‘yes’ all of a sudden happening in the middle of something altogether expected but nonetheless crazy like a skating competition.
Fast forward to a fall afternoon a couple of weeks ago and a chance encounter at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club. I plopped myself in front of Tracy’s empty desk, got the recording equipment out and waited for Tracy to get off the ice. She smiled when she saw me. She said ‘yes’ again to the recording and then said, “I have to be back on the ice teaching in 8 minutes.” I’ll take it!
In this short but sweet podcast, I find out exactly how Tracy became a coach. She also shares a fun family story at the end.
I want more Tracy! I will eventually get more. for the moment – this will whet your appetite.

The Outside Edge

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In this case, I thought it only fitting that we take another look at the free dance that vaulted Tracy Wilson and partner (the late) Rob McCall on to the podium as bronze medallists at the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic Games and the subsequent World Figure Skating Championships in Budapest, Hungary. Click on the pic below for the video.


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