Storytime with Paul Dore


Welcome to the second season of Storytime with Paul Dore. Each episode of the podcast includes two segments:

  • A short story either recorded live off the floor or produced in-studio.
  • Paul’s Picks where I tell you about something I’m reading, listening to or watching.

The Story


I’m not one for dressing up on Halloween. I’ve been to many parties with people dressed ridiculously and I am the one who they make fun of. This story is about the first time I felt compelled to make myself available to pass out candy to kids on Halloween.

It didn’t turn out as planned.

Paul’s Pick


Okay, the show Brooklyn 99 doesn’t need any help in the promotional department, but I couldn’t help giving them a nod during a Halloween-themed show.

Honestly, I had my doubts about the show, but they all went away pretty much from the start. With a surprisingly diverse cast, the stories and characters were funny and endearing right off the bat.

The highlight of every season has been the Halloween episodes where everyone competes for the title of Amazing detective/genius.




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