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Truth be told, I love talking to Elvis Stojko. It makes it even better when I can catch a moment with Elvis’ wife Gladys Orozco-Stojko at the same time. These two are as tight a team as there ever could be which is wonderful to see. They are supportive, interesting and are always game for something new. I admire that adventurous spirit.

I asked them if they would be willing to use a between-shows break at their CNE gig, and talk to me about what they have been up to. We go way back to the beginning of their relationship and what makes it work. We also hear about what they are up to now.

At every question, I watched them listen to each other’s answer with interest and it was warming to feel that kind of mutual admiration and support.

Elvis has been everywhere and won medals at the highest level of figure skating. He and Gladys both have a unique perspective on the world well worth listening to.

For more information – check out Elvis’ Facebook page and follow them on twitter: @elvisstojko and @gladys_orozco_.

Please note: to make sure you hear Elvis and Gladys equally, I made sure both had microphones on them. This means I am a bit low, but never fear, Elvis and Gladys are loud and clear!


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In this case, I thought it was only right to bring something that represents the Elvis of today – a person who is involved in events and shows. In this performance from Stars on Ice 2017, Elvis finds himself in the company of other great Canadian skaters: Kurt Browning, Jeffrey Buttle and Patrick Chan. Between them, they have 11 men’s world titles and the quality shows. 

Check out this amazing performance over on YouTube!


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