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There are times when skating brings me into contact with some extraordinary people. One of those people  is a very well-known Japanese blogger who goes by the name of Momo Hakase. We first met over email about 4 or 5 years ago and have since become friends in real life. What I like about Momo is that she is very accomplished in her own right and brings enormous intelligence, sensitivity and thoughtfulness in her coverage of figure skating.

Momo is often found backstage at skating events where she volunteers in a number of capacities including translating press conference questions for Japanese skaters. The skaters appreciate her help and kindness. The journalists appreciate the fact that they can get to know skaters and get insights that they wouldn’t have access to without her help.

Momo is a big Yuzuru Hanyu fan (who isn’t?) and in fact it was her interest in Yuzuru’s skating that brought her into the figure skating fold in the first place. She is great at keeping the Japanese fans informed about upcoming skating dates, interviews and podcasts and will often be the link between English news/podcasts and Japanese fans (Kurt browning and I owe her a lot!).

This delightful podcast will shed light on the personal story of one of figure skating’s very good friends: Momo Hakase.

The Outside Edge

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For today’s episode, it made sense to me to find one of Momo’s favourite skating performances – turns out it’s one of mine too! I am talking about Yuzuru Hanyu’s Parisienne Walkways where he broke the Olympic record score for a short program on his way to collecting the title in 2014. Well worth a second look!

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