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Mark Ladwig’s start as a figure skater was maybe a little unusual coming from Fargo, North Dakota. His love for the sport, hard work and determination led him to berths on US Teams competing at three Four Continents, two World Figure Skating Championships and the Olympic Winter Games in 2010, where he and Amanda Evora placed tenth. Remarkable.

I have known Mark for a long time now but never really got much of a chance to speak with him until he joined Jackson Ultima Skates as a technical rep. If you want to know about skates, his wealth of information not only includes the correct fit of the boot, but great knowledge about the type, mounting and sharpening of blades.

I cornered Mark on the upper floors of the rink at the recent 2017 World Figure Skating Championships in Helsinki to finally sit down for a long-awaited podcast. He didn’t disappoint. In this conversation, we talk about Mark’s experiences as a young skater through to the end of a terrific competitive career. We touch on being a husband and Dad and what that has brought him in his life. Mark can always be counted on for candor where his life is concerned and listening to his thoughtful answers as we meandered from topic to topic was like a breath of fresh air.

If you want to know more or connect with Mark, follow him on Twitter: @LadwigMark.

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I found this video of Mark Ladwig and partner Amanda Evora doing their short program at the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games in 2010. What better way to highlight a person’s talent than by showcasing the moment that one of their dreams came true.

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