The Inside Edge

Where I take you behind-the-scenes of this week’s @SkatingPj Podcast. 

I didn’t know what to expect from my interview with Charlie White. In truth, I have been on ‘saying hi’ terms with Charlie for years, never had the chance to really sit and have a chat. What a great conversation! We lined it up while I was in Helsinki at Worlds and took some time to record our podcast after a press conference. Our conversation was comfortable and I was delighted at how thoughtful and considered Charlie was in his responses.

From his early days to his life now, there isn’t anything that Charlie wasn’t willing to discuss, and, as a result, there were some gems that had been hidden to me until this point. If you ever wanted to know about his long-term partnership (since childhood) with Meryl Davis, or his love of hockey or even what it was like to be on Dancing With The Stars, take a moment, curl up with a cup of coffee or tea and have a listen to this podcast.

Charlie’s busy life includes backstage reporting like he did at the World Figure Skating Championships and his easygoing style allowed him to connect easily with the people he was interviewing. I was always a fan of the skating and of the work ethic that produced the results for Meryl and Charlie. I am now an equal fan of Charlie the man.

If you want to connect with Charlie, he is @charlieawhite on both Twitter & Instagram.

The Outside Edge

Where I highlight a video related to this episode.

In this case, the video is something that I hadn’t seen before although I am sure I was working at this competition. In the summer of 1999, a very young and not yet famous ice dance team came to the Thornhill Summer Competition just outside Toronto. Meryl Davis and Charlie White competed in Novice Dance, and, in all likelihood, my late mother Grace Elliott, would have been on the panel as a judge. Knowing her like I do, she would have been impressed. Although the quality of the video isn’t great, you can see the talent, speed and unison, even in this early free dance.

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