Storytime with Paul Dore

If you’re an Open Kwong Dore Podcast subscriber, you might be confused, but please don’t be. Here at Open Kwong Dore Media, we’ve had this evolution in the works for a while. Podcasting is still a new medium and we wanted to switch things up a bit. So, every two weeks, I (Paul) will be sharing a short story with you as well as a segment called ‘Paul’s Picks’ where I tell you about something I am reading, listening to or watching.

The Story

I always wanted music in my life, so I decided to buy myself a keyboard. I learned to play the piano as a child and could still read music. I found a keyboard for sale on Kijijji and when I met the seller, the conversation quickly devolved into me having to make up a fake son named James. This story was recorded live off the floor at Stories We Don’t Tell. Please note: I was sitting at the keyboard for the story. Some pauses and audience reactions were due to me about to play and then not playing.

You can read the original story on my blog HERE.

Paul’s Pick

Karl Ove Knausgaard wrote a six volume series of autobiographical novels. Full disclosure, I’ve only read the first three and starting on the fourth. I can’t really explain them, as there really is no story and there are many passages that are about the mundane. However, something very much alive lurks in the many pages of these books. I once heard Knausgaard describe these books as novels where he used himself as the main character. I used this same description when people asked about my own novel, The Walking Man. These are tough books, but stick with them, they can be at times profound and heartbreaking.

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