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I have known Takeshi Honda since he was a teenager living and training in Barrie, Ontario. There were a couple of notable Japanese men’s figure skaters who preceded him, but I really think of Takeshi as the start of the wave of men’s talent that has poured out of Japan. He was not only a great jumper but a wonderful skater with a great sense of style.

Seeing him in Helsinki at the World Figure Skating Championships, I was finally able to nail down a time for a podcast interview. He was happy to oblige.

I have to admit that I had lost track of time as I asked Takeshi how the ‘baby’ was doing. I was convinced that the ‘baby’ was about 3 or maybe 4 years old – maximum. He looked at me quizzically. He apparently has 3 ‘babies’, the oldest of whom is 9. Where does the time go?

The cool thing about this conversation is not only getting to re-visit the past, but also talking about the present and future. Takeshi has a lot of irons in the fire which include a very successful career as a commentator for Japanese television and ongoing appearances in skating shows. Takeshi’s strong popularity is a testament to his years as a national and international champion, two-time World bronze medallist, and Olympian.

If you want to know more about Takeshi or just keep up with his life, follow him on Twitter @TakeshiHonda81.

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In 1999, Canada hosted the very first ISU Four Continents Championship in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was one of the most memorable men’s events in that the quality of the skating and the number of (still new to competition) quad jumps was impressive. The mood in the building was electric with every skater seeming to build on the success of the skater before. Takeshi Honda won that event and getting the chance to re-live the free program from Halifax is electrifying.

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