The Inside Edge is where I take you behind-the-scenes of this week’s @SkatingPj Podcast. We’re again dipping into our archives to re-visit a very special interview. Although it’s been three years already, I clearly remember going to David Wilson’s place to record this podcast. It was cold and snowy and I was a little tired after a long day but as soon as we hugged at the door, David’s warmth was infectious and I felt energized. What I was looking forward to most in this interview was getting to know the back story; what David’s early years were like and his journey to becoming one of figure skating’s most important choreographers. He has worked with so many “A-list” skaters across all of the disciplines (including Synchronized Skating) that there wouldn’t be room to list them all.

Aside from his passion for skating, his heart is owned by his dog. To see their bond is quite lovely and I was touched by the best possible example of the potential in a pet and owner bond.

There is a lot to learn here in this casual conversation that meanders from early to current life and experiences on and off the ice. David Wilson is now on Instagram @itsmedwisn.

The Outside Edge is where I highlight videos from across the skating world and bring you a little bonus from somewhere on YouTube or beyond. What I wanted to share was the program that I mentioned in my opening of the podcast: the free dance that David Wilson put together for Marie-France Dubreuil and Patrice Lauzon. It was to Etta James’ ‘At Last’. As you may suspect, I see a lot of skating and not all the programs stick in my head but this one does for how it makes me feel. It was 10 years ago at Worlds in 2007 where Dubreuil and Lauzon finished with their second consecutive World silver medal. Perfection.

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