Go into the woods at night – only if you dare! Every once in a while, Paul organizers a ghost story walking tour focused around a specific area of Toronto. Last Halloween, he staged his most ambitious tour through High Park. Have you ever been in High Park at night? It’s scary even without the ghost stories!

To celebrate Halloween, this episode is a like a guided audio tour. Paul takes you through ghost stories at specific stops along the way. This tour is not just for Halloween – if you want to be frightened and perhaps even spot a ghost or two, then you can follow it along at any time of the year.

highpark_map-graphicSo, if you are in the Toronto area, slip your headphones on and head to High Park. Included with this episode is a map of the stops and some links if you would like to hear more background about each story. Also, if you would like a transcript of the stories presented on this episode, visit Paul’s blog at this LINK.

Map Guide for Stops:

1. The Playground of Death.

2. The Graveyard of Trees.

3. Colborne Lodge.

4. The Ghost Soldiers of Grenadier Pond.

5. Scattered Ashes.

6. The Crying Ghost Child.

7. Pagan Symbols.

Background, Research and Videos:

Jamie Bell Park Fire – Toronto Star.

Colborne Lodge – Toronto Ghosts.

Toronto Urban Legends: A High Park Imponderable – Torontoist.

Lily Dale: A gated community of mediums pass on messages from the dead – Syracuse News.


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