The Inside Edge is where I take you behind-the-scenes of this week’s @SkatingPj Podcast. My friend Barb said, “I saw Christopher Dean upstairs a few minutes ago.” YOU’RE KIDDING?!  She wasn’t. I turned to my friend Carol Lane (Open Kwong Dore Podcast Episode 149) and asked in a somewhat whiney tone: “Please, can you facilitate an introduction between me and Christopher Dean? I would LOVE to speak with him for a podcast and I will need someone (you) to vouch for me not being a total loon.” Carol graciously agreed and Chris and I met one morning in Boston at the 2016 World Figure Skating Championships.

Imagine getting the chance to speak with a skating icon whom you admire and you never thought you would get the chance to meet. It was nerve-wracking, but exhilarating!

Our conversation flowed easily from one subject to the next and I think you will enjoy listening to Christopher talk about the creative process as much as I did. Truly a once in a lifetime experience.

The Outside Edge is where I highlight videos from across the skating world and bring you a little bonus from somewhere on YouTube or beyond. Bolero, from when Torvill and Dean won gold at the Olympics, is at the top of the list. Still one of the most mesmerizing ice dance performances of all time. I think you will agree.

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