Paul has a fascination with any large group of people who are obsessed with one specific thing. Ever since he heard that just two hours away in Collingwood there was the largest Elvis Presley festival in the world, he has wanted to see this spectacle in person.

This was going to be the year!

Paul emailed friend of the show Monica Hamburg and wrote one line: Do you want to go to the largest Elvis festival in the world, strap on some microphones and walk around? Monica did not hesitate.

So, on a hot summer day in July, Paul and Monica drove to Collingwood. Immediately as they entered the town, they came across two Elvi (Monica decided that Elvi was the plural for Elvis) in full jump suit and sideburns arguing about which Elvis song was the best. Or, at least, that’s what we imagined they were doing.

From the website:

It may be the Slider-New-ELVISlargest of its kind, but it’s also a friendly place with a real sense of community. That’s the beauty of the Collingwood Elvis Festival! Anyone who attends can let loose, release their inner Elvis and feel a little bit like The King. This year’s theme is “Elvis: Timeless”. It’s a chance to learn about the man his music, his attitude and his iconic image. You’ll find out what made Elvis a pop culture giant and how he continues to influence music and culture even today.

Paul and Monica might not have found what they were looking for, but such is life. Enjoy this walk & talk with Paul, Monica and a whole lotta Elvi. Plus, check out Monica’s podcast (Dazed and Convicted: Craigslist), follow her on social media (Twitter and Instagram) and listen to her previous Open Kwong Dore episode.

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