The Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro wrapped up yesterday with the closing ceremonies and this episode brings you an exclusive look behind-the-scenes. Pj expected to make her way to Rio as a PA announcer and not really have much else going on.

In a fun twist of fate, Cheryl Izen (a past podcast guest on episode 126) heard from a friend who had a friend who needed someone in Rio to talk on the radio in Seattle with hosts Marty and Jodi. The individual posting the request was an optimistic producer named Pedro. What might have been only a one shot deal turned into a daily happening for the duration of the Games.

The spots are unscripted and were a lot of fun. In this podcast, you’ll hear a conversation between Paul and Pj over Skype about what life has been like at these Games. After some banter from your favourite podcast hosts, you’ll hear a selection of Pj on Seattle Radio 95.7 The Jet.

If you want to connect with Pj or find out more, she’s on Twitter @skatingpj or you can search her on Instagram and Facebook.

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