Sometimes you find yourself in the presence of a truly special person. In this case, her name is Olivia. Seven years ago, when Olivia was only two years old, her mother Jennifer Serrichi noticed a bulge protruding from the side of her daughter. She remembered it as if it was yesterday.

Fast forward to a battery of tests and a diagnosis called Wilms’ Tumour, a form of kidney cancer. Olivia’s one kidney was removed and over the course of her recovery, her hospital case worker let Jenn know that Olivia would be given a wish from the Children’s Wish Foundation. Jenn wanted to wait until Olivia was able to participate in choosing the wish herself.

Olivia decided she wanted to be famous. In this podcast, Pj gets the chance to find out just what that looks like through nine-year old eyes. From limousine rides to signing autographs to getting styled, and of course, to creating her signature move: The Livi (with the help of Canadian choreographer Blake McGrath). Doing the Livi is all the rage with participation from dancers on The Dance Moms TV show to the Blue Jays and even Pj herself.

If you want in, check out Olivia’s page (Learn The Livi) at, on Twitter @childrens_wish (#DoTheLivi) and on Instagram @childrenswishfoundation.

The Children’s Wish Foundation is committed to helping make a wish come true for children between the ages of three and seventeen who have faced a life-threatening illness. It’s a pretty amazing organization. If you want more information or you would like to help go to Olivia and Pj #DoTheLivi:

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