Pj and Paul have been making this podcast for almost four years. The podcasting world is like dog years, every one represents seven, so technically the Open Kwong Dore Podcast is almost 28. It’s time to grow up and get out in the world. Or at least, go through an experimental stage.

In this episode, the co-hosts with the most banter about how they are going to be doing more bantering, talk about the new opening and closing of the show and introduce some exciting elements that they will be trying in upcoming episodes. Remember, there is a brand new Open Kwong Dore Podcast episode every second Monday, and you’ll want to hear what is happening in the coming months.

Open Kwong Dore Media is also looking at offering consulting services for people who want to start their own podcast. The medium is still quite new and since the Open Kwong Dore Podcast has been running for almost 28 years, Pj and Paul are looked at as experts. Check out the new section on the website and get in touch with Pj and Paul if you would like to make your own podcast:

Podcasting 101 with Pj and Paul.

Also, Paul and Pj have some pretty cool things going on. They are both published authors, Pj covers figure skating for the CBC and Paul dabbles in and out of the Toronto storytelling scene. Check out how to follow them across the various social media platforms on the HOSTS page.

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