The Inside Edge is where I take you behind-the-scenes of the @SkatingPj Podcast. Paul came to my house; seemingly for dinner and to record a couple of intros for the podcast. We started chatting and before we knew it, instead of recording an intro for an upcoming episode, we started talking about working behind-the-scenes at a large event like Worlds. Paul and I had a great conversation about experiences and moments that we each have had at national and international skating events.

For that matter – we also end up talking about skating from our different points of view in our respective skating histories: as coaches, as fans and as skaters. This is a fun conversation that I hope you’re going to enjoy. There are some great skating podcasts on @SkatingPj coming up over the next few months including: Piper Gilles and Paul Poirier, Alissa Ciszny and Christopher Dean, among others with some more really fascinating interviews in the works.

As always – if you want to be in touch with me – Twitter is best @skatingpj and for Paul @jeffreypauldore.

The Outside Edge is where I get to point you to something you may or may not have seen before. In this case it is the Shae-Lynn Bourne and Victor Kraatz free dance from the Grand Prix Final in Kitchener in December of 2001. At this event, I was working as the ‘guide track’ commentator for the TV world feed and as Paul was able to remind me – I had one of my more memorable moments in live TV. As you can see though – what was even more memorable was what was going on on the ice with Shae-Lynn and Victor.

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