Pj had no idea that the person whose work she was admiring from the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games Closing Ceremony would become a future Open Kwong Dore podcast guest.

Jeff Dimitirou is a genius choreographer with a list of awards and credits as long as your arm. In addition to large scale live events like the Pan Am Games, his work has also been featured on television and in movies. Some highlights include: Cirque Du Soleil, FIFA World Cup Opening Ceremonies, Odd Squad, Degrassi, So You Think You Can Dance Canada, Hellcats, Warehouse 13, World Pride Closing Ceremonies, Cabaret, Top of the Pops. Jeff’s feature films credits includes: Carrie, Mirror Mirror, Twilight: Breaking Dawn Saga and Suckerpunch, among many others.

As interesting as his work is, Jeff’s own story is even more so. In this fascinating interview, Pj and Jeff run the gamut from his background in dance, his creative process and much more. Although Pj’s interest was piqued by Jeff’s work in the Pan Am Games closing ceremonies, the two found they had so much in common and a new friendship was forged. Follow Jeff on Instagram (@JeffDimitriou, @theglitzca and @jdxentertainment), Twitter (@JeffDimitriou) and Facebook (facebook.com/jeffdimitriou) and on his website (jdxentertainment.com and theglitz.ca). Check out some of Jeff’s work at the Pan Am Games below.

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