Featured-Images-NEW-MONICAMonica Hamburg is a writer, comedian, storyteller, voice-over artist and podcaster. Dazed and Convicted: Craigslost, is a podcast that Monica hosts and produces where she reads disturbing Craigslist ads and explores darkly humorous and sometimes explicit subject matter. Monica’s podcasts have been chosen for Splitsider’s ‘This Week in Comedy Podcasts’ and  was the winner of the Chris Gore Award for ‘Most Vulgar Canadian Podcast’.

In Monica’s comedy and storytelling, she brings an honest approach to performing and can be both hilarious and deeply emotional – within the same story! As a voice-over artist, Monica has worked on video games, animation, corporate videos, biopics and commercials.

Paul was looking forward to talking with Monica about her fascinating and entertaining podcast, comedy and storytelling.

Check out the Dazed and Convicted Podcast: website, Twitter @dazedconvicted and on Facebook.

Connect with Monica: voice-over website, Twitter @monicahamburg and on Facebook.

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