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The after shot!

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. In Pj’s view, having a professional to help you get there never hurts. Enter Alethea Miller, the makeup artist at CBC whose own beautiful style made her a natural subject for Pj’s curiosity about using the face as a canvas.

As a child, Alethea loved colour and naturally gravitated toward makeup, experimenting first on herself and her family. She spent over a decade in retail, fine tuning her skill, and now works as a makeup artist.

Her philosophy is when you look good, you feel good. From personal experience, Pj feels great when Alethea is finished with her.

For something different, this podcast was done at work, when the day was done. They thought it would be fun to talk makeup while Alethea did Pj’s makeup, and as always the results were amazing. The ‘after’ shot tells the tale.

If you want any information, look Alethea up on Instagram @TruthMkupArtist.