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This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Pj to interview costume designer great Juul Haalmeyer. She certainly was a fan of his work that includes Emmy award-nominated tv shows, stage shows and movies. But in truth, being a total word nerd, Pj was fascinated to meet the person whose name had struck her fancy quite some time ago.

Jumping at the chance to connect, Pj went to Juul’s studio to conduct the interview. Walking into a space packed with every kind of clothing and accessories from so many different eras was a lot to take in. Thinking about each garment having its own history, energy and purpose gave this interview a special kind of focus.

Since Pj has little experience or knowledge about the challenges of creating costumes, this gave her a licence to ask Juul about his own story and process. To say that this is a fun episode and that Juul is a wonderful guest is an understatement. Juul’s sense of fun spills out all over this interview as he talks about his life, his work and the creation of The Juul Haalmeyer Dancers who appeared on SCTV. If you want to know more about this dance troupe – search for the Juul Haameyer Dancers Fan Club on Facebook.

You can find Juul on Facebook here: Homemade Tarts/ Juul Haalmeyer Designs.