Daryn Caister has been the director and host of the Green Majority weekly environmental news radio program since 2009. The Green Majority is produced out of CIUT 89.5 at the University of Toronto and the program is syndicated nationally on 18 community and campus radio stations.

The Green Majority covers the stories that mainstream news outlets ignore and dives deeper into the stories that matter, creating a show that is accessible, educational and entertaining. Through the radio and subsequent media entities such as the Green Majority online video show, Daryn makes sure that all voices are heard, including government agencies, NGO’s and private corporations. He’s devoted to shining a light on all the angles of a story and presenting the information with professionalism, and with a revolutionary spirit.

Paul met Daryn at the Centre for Social Innovation and they have been involved in various projects together, which included your Open Kwong Dore hosts beings guests on the Green Majority a few weeks ago. Have a listen to that episode here. Paul was excited to hear what drives Daryn and how this relentless desire to connect people to environmental issues came about.

Connect with Daryn and the Green Majority online:

Website: greenmajority.ca.

Twitter: @greenmajority.