Pj is lucky enough to get the chance to interview and connect with the world’s best skaters and watch them grow from nervous youngsters to confident and mature young adults. It will not be a surprise to anyone who knows her that regardless of the skater, she is secretly pulling for their success in competition. When things don’t go their way, Pj can almost feel as badly as they do.

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje teamed up in August of 2006 and won the junior world bronze medal the following year. Responsible for eight medals on figure skating’s Grand Prix circuit and a win at least year’s Grand Prix Final. In addition, they are the defending Canadian Champions, two-time World medalists and two-time Four Continents Champions.

Kaitlyn and Andrew are two skaters who own the word ‘tenacity’. Faced with enormous challenges, they have always persevered. Since teaming up, they missed qualifying for the Olympics in 2010 by a margin of .03. They have had to battle through injuries, including a broken leg/ankle for Kaitlyn.

Pj was delighted when Kaitlyn and Andrew suggested that they release the details of their programs this year on the podcast. This far-ranging interview includes information about their new programs, the concept of these programs and choreographic process. Whether you’re a skating fan or not, this podcast offers insight into how this team got their start, the world of ice dance and the philosophy that keeps Kaitlyn and Andrew going.

Follow Weaver and Poje on Twitter @WeaverPoje,on Facebook and at their website weaverpoje.com. Photographs of Weaver and Poje by Greg Kolz.