Continuing for the month of August, we’ll be posting some compilation episodes that are based on themes or concepts. For this compilation on musicians, you’ll hear 10 to 15 minute excerpts that explore how these how these four unique performers got started as musicians, their writing process and individual philosophies. If you like what you hear, and we’re sure that you will, check out the full interviews with these guests on the EPISODE GUIDE.

Joseph Kargi talks about influences on his musical style and how decided to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. Follow Joseph on Twitter @JosephKargi.

Eugene Draw talks about his career as an adventure and the need for taking risks. Follow Eugene on Twitter @realdrdraw.

Arlene Paculan has been a frequent guest on the podcast. In this excerpt from her interview, she talks about writing songs and getting over shyness as a child. Follow Arlene on Twitter @Arlene_Paculan.

David Ford is a British singer/songwriter and has released four albums to date. His unique style and undeniable lyrics make for a compelling performer. Follow David on Twitter @davidfordisdead.