Continuing for the month of August, we’ll be posting some compilation episodes that are based on themes or concepts. For this compilation on mavericks, you’ll hear 10 to 15 minute excerpts that explore how these four people have been ahead of the curve or did something bold and unexpected that helped evolve their respective fields. We’ve interviewed some of the most interesting people around and this episode features four of them sharing the story of how, in their way, they have helped make significant changes. If you like what you hear, and we’re sure that you will, check out the full interviews with these guests on the episode guide.

Tonya Surman: A social entrepreneur, community animator and mayhem choreographer, Tonya has a passion for bringing to life world-changing projects. She is the founding CEO of the Centre for Social Innovation, a co-working space, community and launchpad for people who are changing the world. Follow Tonya on Twitter @tonyasurman and find more information about the Centre for Social Innovation at, on Twitter @csiTO and on Facebook.

Eric Radford: The 2015 World Figure Skating Pair Champion, three-time national champion, Four Continents Champion and Grand Prix Final Champion with partner Meagan Duhamel. Eric believes his sexuality isn’t anyone’s business, but being able to encourage other people who have similar struggles is important. His decision to come out was inspired by the Canadian Olympic Committee’s announcement of their initiative to promote inclusion of athletes within the LGBTQ community. Follow Eric on Twitter @Rad85E.

Rob Shirkey: “What did you do to stop climate change?” When Rob is asked this question, he wants to be able to look people right in the eye and honestly say he did everything he could. Rob founded Our Horizon from the position that we each share responsibility for this climate change tragedy; indeed, it is the decisions that we each make on a daily basis that shape our collective reality and make such tragedies possible. To learn more about Our Horizon, visit the website, follow on Twitter @OurHorizonOrg and on Facebook. Follow Rob on Twitter @robshirkey.

David Dore: After nearly losing his life to polio, David was introduced to figure skating as therapy to regain his ability to walk. He soon developed a love for the sport that would become a huge part of his life. In 1980 he became the youngest president of the Canadian Figure Skating Association (now Skate Canada) and four years later, David accepted the staff position of Director General, a place he would hold until 2002. During his tenure he developed the National Team program, created the Athlete’s Trust and developed successful marketing and television concepts. In 2000, the International Olympic Committee presented David with the Olympic Order, its highest honour, for his contribution to sport in the global community. David is currently the International Skating Union’s Vice-President.