We’re always up to something different on the podcast. For the month of August, we’ll be posting some compilation episodes that are based on themes or concepts. For this compilation on storytellers, you’ll hear 10 to 15 minute excerpts that explore ideas on performing, vulnerability and the writing process. We’ve interviewed some of the best storytellers around and this episode features four of them sharing the secrets of their craft. If you like what you hear, and we’re sure that you will, check out the full interviews with these guests on the episode guide.

Sage Tyrtle is a master storyteller who recently had huge success with her solo show Boxes Buried Deep. She teaches storytelling workshops and classes at Seneca College and Second City. You can find out more on Sage’s website tyrtle.com, follow her on Twitter @sagetyrtle and on Facebook.

Sam Mullins is a storyteller and comedy writer. He won the 2014 Canadian Comedy Award for best one person show. Sam has contributed to This American Life, The Moth and Risk! Check out Sam’s blog at samsmullins.com, follow him on Twitter @SamSMullins and on Facebook.

Graham Isador is a storyteller, performer and playwright. His critically acclaimed play Served debuted at the Toronto Fringe Festival and was NOW magazine’s pick for outstanding ensemble and direction. His event, Pressgang Storytelling, celebrates four years on August 25th. You can follow Graham on Twitter @presgang and on Facebook at Pressgang Theatre.

Marsha Shandur is the curator of True Stories Told Live. She is also a personal networking mentor and you can find out more on her website yesyesmarsha.com, follow her on Twitter @yesyesmarsha and on Facebook. To learn more about True Stories Told Live, visit the website truestoriestoronto.com or find it on Facebook.