Komi  Olaf is a visual artist, poet and spoken word artist. As a master’s graduate of Architecture from Carleton University, his training as an architect directly influenced and continues to influence his work as a painter and spoken word artist.

His work is a direct representation of his character and experiences. He strives to create unique, inspirational and original work that captures the history of African people and the mind-set of a younger generation. As a Canadian immigrant from Nigeria, he tends to focus his art on the juxtaposition of unrelated images to produce new meaning. He wants to tell a different story with his work, one that captures the complexities of his African and Canadian heritage as well as spark the conversations that can inspire change and build a bridge of unity.

Komi’s works have been featured in shows at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto and the National Arts Center in Ottawa. He has also received several awards pertaining to his works including the TDthenandnow 2015 Primary Marketing image, The Empowerment and Success Award presented by the then Governor General of Canada Michaelle Jean in 2010 and was nominated for the Student Award for excellence presented by the Canadian Architect Magazine in 2009.

Paul was excited to sit down with Komi and discuss his evolution as an artist, how he combines his various artistic endeavours and what’s next for him. Listen at the end of this episode as Komi performs spoken word poetry.

Komi will be appearing at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto from July 31 – August 3, as part of the Festival Kompa Zouk Festival. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Check out Komi’s work online:

Website: komiolaf.com.

Twitter: @komiolaf.

Instagram: @komiolaf.