Ahmad Ktaech is a self-taught passionpreneur. He’s obsessed with how things work and captivated by the impact design, technology and marketing has on people.

Ahmad has provided leadership in the digital space for Fortune 500 companies, consumer brands, political campaigns, startups, government and not-for-profits across all markets.

His specialties include: Digital Design, Product Development, User Experience Design, Growth Hacking, App Design, Business Development, Advertising and Marketing, Social Media Strategy, Customer Development, Market Insights and Research, Service Innovation, Front-End Development, and Social Enterprise Consulting.

Ahmad’s latest endeavour is to dive into the world of tech startup by developing an app called Ebbu. Ebbu is an aticle discovery app that makes it easy to find and read headlines you’ve missed and a gateway to articles from the world’s top tier sources. Paul was excited to sit down with Ahmad and talk about his fascinating journey that has led him into a myriad of experiences and directions. Download Ebbu at the app store and learn more online.

Website: ebbuapp.com.

Twitter: @ebbuapp.

Ahmad on Twitter: @ahmadktaech.