The Colours of Lives Once Lived.

Graduating from Ryerson’s Radio and Television Arts program, David Brandy’s creative career began as a radio copywriter where he honed his ability to tell a story. As the founder and Creative Director of Let’s Hear It, a corporate communication and live events agency, he strengthened his talent to move audiences to a desired outcome.

As a fine art photographer, Brandy creates situations in his images in which everyday objects are altered or detached from their natural function. He reveals that beauty can be strange and the strange can be beautiful. His images generate an instance where something can be seen as both beautiful yet alien at the same time, resulting in a feeling of disquieting strangeness.

Brandy often captures images that depict the state of natural decay or natural wonder, in order to shed new light on our existence and to find poetic meaning in everyday life. Again and again, his portrayal of objects borrowed from our day-to-day context, emphasize his conscious process of deconstruction in order to shed light on beauty we seldom notice. Brandy’s works can on the one hand, be touchingly beautiful, on the other hand be uncomfortably attractive.

Look for David Brandy’s latest exhibition, Before and After, at Yellow House Gallery from June 18th – July 25th. In Before and After, photographers and painters come together showcasing where the human subject is absent. Instances are captured and the viewer is left to decide whether a narrative has just ended or has yet to begin.

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