Pj first met Cheryl Izen last fall while on a site visit excursion for work. Always on the hunt for a kindred spirit, Pj saw Cheryl’s sense of humour as the first hint that they had something in common. Among many other roles in life, Cheryl has been a red carpet manager at events like the Toronto International Film Festival. Red Carpet Manager you ask? When you watch Awards shows on TV, typically there are busy people in the background wearing headsets and moving at break neck speed. Cheryl is one of those people.

The following ‘highlight’ list of Cheryl’s experience is an indication of just how much she is in demand at the highest echelon on the film festival circuit: Toronto International Film Festival, Sprockets/TIFF Kids, Hot Docs, Abu Dhabi Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Doha Tribeca Film Festival, Dubai International Film Festival and Provincetown International Film Festival.

Cheryl’s talents extend beyond the red carpet to event and venue management, including a stint at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and now at the Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games as a medals and ceremonies manager. Cheryl brings the ability to anticipate and react to situations, write, produce, negotiate with all kind of different groups in an event situation and inspire teams of paid staff and volunteers.

Pj wanted to do this podcast because it was a rare opportunity to learn about how a red carpet works. Cheryl is honest, funny, articulate and willing to share some remarkable and personal stories of people whose names we all know. Hint: Orlando Bloom (have we said too much?).

Cheryl explains her red carpet wrangling work in the following YouTube clips of interviews on CBC.

If you want to learnt more about Cheryl, find her on LinkedIn.

You can contact her directly through email: theredcarpetmanager@gmail.com.