Joseph Kargi is a 23 year old singer/songwriter that uses his powerful and soulful voice and incredible talent on piano as a backdrop for the stories of his triumphs and personal afflictions. He is charming and charismatic on stage, talking with his audience as though it was made up of his close friends, and then taking the audience into his confidence with songs straight from the heart.

Classically trained as a pianist and vocalist from the age of 6, Joseph is a breath of fresh air in an auto-tuned world. In August 2011, he released his debut self-titled EP. Over 200 people were in attendance for the launch of his EP, selling out the first 300 physical copies in the first week. To date, his EP has sold over 1000 physical copies in addition to online downloads and has continued to sell out every event that has been organized by his management team.

His live shows and recordings demonstrate a youthful, yet perceptive outlook on life that is inspired by the relationships he has with his family and friends throughout all their highs and lows. Look for his upcoming album coming in the summer of 2015.

Paul met Joseph at mutual friend and past podcast guest Arlene Paculan’s Wonderfest, an event bringing together comedians, storytellers, musicians and visual artists. As soon as Paul heard Joseph play, he knew he wanted to sit down with him for an interview. This is a fascinating conversation with an incredibly creative mind.

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If you are in the Toronto area, Joseph will be performing a full retrospective of all his music at Habits Gastropub on Saturday, April 25th.