When Pj first heard from friend and colleague Kurt Browning that he and Geoffrey Tyler were going to be taking on their biggest creative challenge yet, she was intrigued.

Upon further investigation, she found out that the project they would be working on is everybody’s favourite skating show: Stars on Ice.

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Stars on Ice. That could only mean one thing: PODCAST!

Pj was thrilled when the guys agreed to lock themselves in a room with her to talk about the creative process involved in the execution of this show. From talking about their unique experiences in performance to the goals for this very special anniversary show, it makes for a very compelling conversation.

Both men have unique perspectives that they bring to the table. In this podcast, Pj, Kurt and Geoffrey didn’t only talk about what goes on in the skating part of a show, they also touched on what skating means to them and why this show is so important. Well worth the listen.

If you want information about the show – visit: www.starsonice.ca.

For tickets click HERE.

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