When you look around at any sporting event, school function or community activity, what you may notice first are the hustling and bustling adults making it all happen. For figure skating, the sport would not be able to function without them.

Pj calls these people the sport’s unsung heroes and her podcast this week focuses on the efforts of one of them: Murray Anderson.

Murray and Pj first met over 20 years ago at a skating event where Pj was announcing and Murray was one of the men playing the music at rink side. Along the way they have had the opportunity to work together at local, international, World and Olympic figure skating events. Whether paid or not, Murray’s expertise is in demand as a person who is well-known for solving music and sound problems from the boards. He got his start as a kid playing music in the local skating club, has made his mark in all kinds of other live shows like Butchart Gardens and has been to 2 Olympic Games.

For the skaters, these backstage heroes mean that the athletes don’t have to worry that the music won’t play. The selfless  contributions of the music people, announcers, coaches, data specialists, ice captains, hospitality, etc,…are immeasurable. For anyone who has ever had a kid involved in something somewhere – we owe these people our thanks.

One of Pj’s favourites in the ‘skating family’, Murray makes his home in Victoria, BC along with his wife Gwyneth and 2 cats.