The cool thing about doing a podcast is you get the chance to meet and talk to all kinds of people.

Elke Hinson is one of those interesting people – by day, she is a successful travel agent helping clients plan adventures all over the world. Every so often she takes adventure into her own hands though and performs as a burlesque artist in Toronto’s very active scene.

She first started performing about 10 years ago and is now very involved not only as a solo performer but as part of a burlesque group known as The Harlettes. Elke produces shows, does choreography and has even taken part in international burlesque events.

The Burlesque Oscars are coming up on February 22, 2015. To get more information and buy tickets, visit this LINK.

For the rest of Elke’s social media info, connect with her or The Harlettes here:

Instagram: @mariawanna

Maria Juana on Facebook.

The Harlettes on Facebook group.

In the normal course of everyday life, Pj wouldn’t have connected with this extraordinarily warm and articulate woman and to have the chance to get a peek into her world.