On or off the ice; Shawn Sawyer is enormously creative.

Pj and Shawn know each other through skating and it was a no-brainer to see if he would be willing to do a podcast while they were both working at a show in Peterborough in January 2015.

Pj remembered talking to Shawn about his career on the ice and his work as an artist for a YouTube interview (watch the interview at this link). He paints with red wine and coffee and the images are stunning.

Talking to Shawn about his life, you get the sense that this is a man of contradictions. Enormously gifted as a student, he pursued the sciences and art was a hobby. It is no surprise to anyone who knows him that art eventually won out and he has been working steadily and experimenting in his home studio.

Why coffee and red wine? Pj was charmed by Shawn’s answer when he basically said that these two beverages book-end a person’s day. You start the day with coffee to get going and finish the day with red wine to unwind.

His artistry on the ice cannot be minimized. Shawn is very much in demand as a show skater and before that, he was a perennial crowd favourite on the competitive scene, collecting novice and junior titles and 4 senior national medals along the way (including a silver medal at the Skate America Grand Prix event in 2009).

If you want to know more about Shawn – follow him on Twitter @SawyerMadHatter or find him on Facebook.