We’re always up to something new on the podcast. Last week’s episode featured True Stories Told Live curator Marsha Shandur and Paul mentioned that he told a story at one of her events. While recording the introductions for Marsha’s episode, Pj floated the idea of Paul recording this story and sharing it on the podcast.

Paul performed his story back in October at Marsha’s event, Ghost Stories Told Live. It was an amazing night of storytelling and even included another guest from the podcast, Sage Tyrtle. Paul felt it was such a privilege to be a part of Ghost Stories Told Live and here at the podcast, we decided to put together this quick episode with the usual introductions and then a recording of the story.

This is a short episode, but one we think you’ll enjoy alongside Marsha’s interview from last week. Read about Paul’s experiences from Ghost Stories Told Live on his blog.